if i got smaller grew wings and flew away for good

by Bedbug

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-you were under the covers of my bed and i was in the middle of the room-
i just wanted my whole life to be a collection of full circles sentimental circles instead if eel sick fuzzy in my headspace had the same song stuck in my head for a couple of day s i dont wanna write boy songs or love songs i just wanna write about being young or the rain falls and hits the ground in a stutter but the sunshines now its time to write these feelings down stopped by your house last night i guess i missed you its ben a few days , it was worth a try tho, see u around
1. start a checking account and save money 2 . buy a house invest in stocks 3. don’t spend it all in one place 4. be a good kid don’t get into trouble 5. its okay to be angry as long as u can keep it bottled 6. speak up at birds in the street and watch as they fly away 7. wish that u could do the same
maybe ill live in a basement maybe ill call you maybe ill be ‘call waiting’ and i won’t notice anything so please turn to me sometimes and scream so i know its all still real, remember when we were driving and you thought you saw a wolverine or at least the same kinda thing and i laughed at you skunk bears don’t live here anymore perhaps it was just a raccoon? they steal tasty treats from the street as food to eat they love it. i can list the things i care about like showing people songs or just knowing all the words and singing along and love feels like jellybeans my hearts filled up with little bears made of candy concrete
the morning was lovely but i slept right through it thought a little bout you hows philly doing i think that i slept well i dreamt i was leaving to somewhere brand new with lots of insects i like to think that in 20 years i will still be a child and full of flowers i think dying is silly i won’t do it but i think if i could be born a girl i would do it
Life's kinder as a child when you choose to live like dogs do I'll start talking to some hundreds then get scared when they respond to me And I had a lot of friends out in westchester county New York but it's okay now I've only kept a few with me And I've fallen apart lately but I think I'll get a hold of it I didn't say that in the interview I said yeah I've got a hold of it And then I turned into a beetle and flew into the restroom Scurried a bit further it was snowing out the window It was the prettiest of snowstorms reminded me of lovesongs I sang them to my girlfriend I'm glad I get to love her And I'm not a western kid but damn do deserts still make me feel warm Last time I saw my dentist I said I met you in the Moma He guessed that I was lying and said my teeth were crooked So i sat there in his chair and pretended that I flossed more And I promised to myself that this project would be different I'd keep emotions separate sing quiet and keep my distance But I think this songs about me and think that makes it selfish And I haven't really done this since I was fairweather currents I guess that what I'm saying is that sometimes I just need this Well sit around a fire and sing songs from the 90s Nobody was touching but I think someone was crying Even though it wasn't me I can promise they were happy
milkbeans <3 02:12
do i feel busy or crowded or just plain wrong dylan do you just like dropping your name in songs for what, fun? i got twocans and limabeans three cans and milky beans lifes real hard sometimes and its real hard to try seasons die i met her online who the fuckami I’ve got a lot to feel and do but not much else to say oooh if i lived in the trees you know this isn’t what i’d be thinking about I’ve got one whole life of wasted time writing songs do i feel busy bodied or just feel crowded or just plain wrong its a coping skill but what if i wasn’t actually right all along
-good things come to an end- noname
i watched a movie for half an hour i got bored so i didn’t finish if u come over we’ll make snowflakes with plates im 25 and I’m still pretty I’m feeling weird but not to crowded im in limbo im stuck in a weirdo party trees decay but i like the smell never learned english real well but i didn’t either learn any others i guess carry me all night I’m tired say ill be alright, ill make it i don’t wanna sit around and freeze heard some songs bout ghosts to show you i don’t think that it will haunt you ill say sorry in advanced if it does
gotta stop listening to that line or the feeling will wear off cause every time i hear i want my heart to stop im not sad im SentimentalBeautifulNostalgic last night i was dreaming i got earrings on my lips but one tore off oh how that hole bled i think im starting to hate these songs as i write them but i can always just write more
If i had sleep it didn’t show nail polish chipped are u still home? do you still live in my playground? you still got matchbox cars for eyes? do you still pay to laugh at freaks well point and laugh and look at me are you still going to college? feels like everyones too tired these days are numbered suddenly ur twelve again heres a dollar i hope u need it i hope u use it i hope you miss me quick to love you didn’t scare me think it scared you but now u love me and i can’t breathe when i sing this remember those times i stopped breathing nervous train wreck i stopped eating i hope need me hope you miss me
i don’t think I’ve ever seen scorpio in the sky that tree don’t belong there thats why i lost that game of i spy but Im 19 and Im still shy and I’m feeling busy and this citys got its share of malcontents they’ll flush some spiders and kick flip the mayors car I’m too young for that anyways i can’t count the way i felt today i don’t think I’ve ever been to anything on ice you’ve got a lot on your plate, its okay its alright but I’m 25 and I’m still pretty and i love that line because I’m actually pretty like frogs and toads dancing in the mud or like a hundred cicadas singing at once I’m too young for that anywys everyones just tryna skip town these days I’m too young for that anywys everyones just tryna skip town these days and I’m too old for this i think i can’t count the way i felt today



released October 3, 2016

all music by bedbug
thx to micah for mastering while i watched
thx to owen and louis and julia who are all in this on skunkbears + more
thx to nora for support and feedback
thx to ztapes for putting on tape


all rights reserved



bedbug Boston, Massachusetts

without doubt, revolutionaries, like all other individuals, do fall in love

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