buzzing like a bug in the snow

by bedbug

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Bed bugs, bed-bugs, or bedbugs[2] are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is the best known as it prefers to feed on human blood.


released April 1, 2016

thank everyone who game me the feedback that i ignored, as always, and im deeply sorry, feel free to put 'doesnt respond well to feedback' or 'doesnt play well with others' on my resume



all rights reserved


bedbug Boston, Massachusetts

dylandylandylan is pretty in business casual


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Track Name: everybody humming together at once
foreverandeverandeverandeverandeverandeverandeverandeverandever but with a few breaks for snacks
Track Name: ant hill paradise
yr heart spills through me, and fills me up with flowers, floral printed daisys
all i can see, are puddles full of colors, apartments full of roses
if it helps, i can leave for a bit
fragrances of jasmine isolate the air

To see you in my dreams, dancing on the cotton, cars lift from the road
the quiet now startles me, and leaves me feeling empty, pls don’t take me home
Track Name: avocado and bones
a ghoulish walk among the tree tops when black top tastes like tar
“lets take the scenic route for once” you cry at the bizarre
come true
it’ll be new

i’ll play the hits ill laugh with strangers i’ll sell ‘em all at once
ill bite the dust and take it all back id much prefer the warmth
through the cold
through the snow
Track Name: parasite boy vampire bat
i’ll take you out
we’ll be good now
places we’ve gone, people we meet there
will all know me well, i’ll be in hell

we will go places
i won’t bite anymore
I’m sorry for wanting blood
i love the sound of color swirling all around
Track Name: it felt like rain without the gloom
oddish >lvl 21> gloom >leaf stone> vileplume
Track Name: fairy lights
I crawl slow, out of my cave
im rocky but older i won’t call it a day
im sunken and timid, I’m single celled ill rot in hell im robin hood with change

two bodies float out at sea, ones singing love songs to the other, asleep
the men in tuxedos in 2003 are selling all their hand-me-downs as cure-alls for disease

but the laws state that I’m okay
I’ve slept at least four hour today

so wake me my darling, let me die today, tomorrow ill be busy so you might have to wait
hey mr tambourine man, let me die today, all my songs are singalongs and i love love love love love love love love love loev ovlov e love lvoe vlove lovethe way
you wail try to reach with your voice cause mine is no good
Track Name: frogs and toads
i said i wanted it to end this way
curled up in my den of past mistakes

and ghostly, i’ll never listen, i’ll just haunt you
i must be, a pretty insect, i am lovely, the toads all love me

where are you gonna take me. i can go freely. but I’m petty. and I’m so pretty and I’m on free leech. so take a swig of that snow daddy-o. cause i love you so but I’m so goddamn cold. and check out this image of a man with his pockets out and all his change is on the ground. and i tell my friends i just wrote the prettiest poem.

i tell all my friends "i just wrote the prettiest poem thats ever been wrote"
Track Name: ive still never seen scorpio in the sky
i dont look at the sky as often as id like too though